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Some words that may not familiar to you

1. Cash on delivery (daibiki)

    - it is the method of payment made only when you receive the product on the defined address (house, shop, etc). In general, the customer only pays for his product when he receives it at home, directly to the staff of Takyubin (delivery service). 

2. Chantilly Cake

    - is a cake made with whipped cream which may or may not have sugar on their preparation. Widely used in cakes covering, fillings, coffees, etc.

3. Code Number

    - is the number that help us to identify and control the order requests. With a simple code we can determine the shape, size, theme, color and price of the product.

4. Cupcake

    - mini cakes for one person. May have rice paper or not on their decoration.

5. Customize a Cake

    - it's a cake that can't be found on our cake gallery. They must be booked in advance and depending on the decoration degree it can have an extra fee (¥500~ ¥2,500).

6. Edible Ink

    - the comestible ink used to print on the rice paper through the printer.

7. Net Hanbai

    - purchase and sale system via Internet that the trader doesn't necessarily need a physical store for public visitation, to market their products.

8. Rice Paper

    - it is an edible paper produced from potato starch, a decorative ornament that is inserted on the top and the sides of the cake. It may be thin or thick paper, depending of your needing. In general, the thin sheet is applying on the sides of cake and the thick sheet is applied on top of the cake.


9. Takyubin

    - delivery service covering all over Japan including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. There are many companies that offer the service.  We only deliver by Kuroneko Yamato (Black Cat).

10. Whipping cream

      - it is the English way to say chantilly.

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