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About our cake

1. Difference between sponge and filling?

   - The sponge is a baked edible structure of various shapes (round, square, rectangular, etc.) that forms the body of the cake. It is often confused with the cake itself as it may or may not contain filling or covering. The filling of a cake is juicy layer of varied flavors that are inserted between the layers of sponge of the cake.


2. White sponge x chocolate sponge

    - These are the two basic sponge recipes used to make our cakes. In the case of chocolate cake (sponge and filling) there is an extra fee in the price of the cake, depending on its size (¥500~¥1,500). This increase is due to the price of the material and the time spent on its preparation.

3. Alpine x Chocolate Cream (Light) 

    - Both are chocolate base filling. The basic difference is the type of chocolate and quantity of sugar in the recipe. Light chocolate filling is less sweet but use type chocolate containing less cacao, in this case  an increase on the price of Y1,000. The Alpine Cream is made with a more noble chocolate, containing more cacao, and for this reason more expensive (+ ¥1,500), it is slightly sweeter than the light chocolate, but the chocolate flavour is more intense.


4. Strawberry Filling

    - The strawberry filling with fruit pulp is sold only to those who can come to pick up the cake. To dispatch to other regions we recommend the strawberry cream. The reason is because the strawberry (fresh fruit) greatly alter its flavor during the freezing process for shipments by Takyubin. Strawberry pulp filling has an increase of ¥1,000 in the final price of the cake.

5. Baba de Moca

    - It is a kind of filling made basically of coconut milk, egg yolks and sugar. It is a Brazilian version, a Portuguese sweet made of eggs brought by the Empire of Portugal during colonization, which in Brasil was modified by our cooks with the addition of coconut milk in it's recipe.


6. Dulce de leche x caramel

    - The filling we use is the dulce de leche paste (cream). People who have no idea what  dulce de leche is, we associate caramel as a reference due to similarity in color and texture, however the real caramel is made only by the crystallization of sugar, different from the filling we are used to make our cakes.


7. Brigadeiro x Beijinho

    - Brigadeiro is a typical treat made of milk, egg, butter, sugar and chocolate, which can be used as a sweet (chocolate truffles) filling and covering. The Beijinho has its manufacturing similar to Brigadeiro the basis of condensed milk and coconut. They are widely present on the table of sweets at birthday parties in Brazil and also as filling for cakes. Due to the long preparation time there is an increase of (¥1,500) in the final price of the cake.


8. Vanilla x Bavarian Cream

    - The filling of vanilla as the name implies has Vanilla in its composition and differs from Bavarian cream for being less creamy, this is because the bavarian cream has whipped cream added in its recipe. Both fillings has an increase on the price of the cake (+ ¥1,000).


9. Types of fillings available:


- Dulce de leche (2 fillings)

- Baba de moca + pineapple (2 fillings)

- Dulce de leche + coconut (2 fillings)

- Dulce de leche + nuts (2 fillings)

- Dulce de leche + plum (2 fillings)

- Baba de moca  with pineapple + Dulce de leche with nuts

- Baba de moca + peach (2 fillings)

- Beijinho + Baba de moca

- Bavarian cream (contains vanilla) (+ ¥1,000)

- Chocolate Cream (Light) (+ ¥1,000)

- Vanilla (+ ¥1000)

- Lemon cream (+ ¥1,000)

- Alpine cream (chocolate) + Dulce de leche (+ ¥1,500)

- Alpine cream (chocolate) + Beijinho (+ ¥1,500)

- Brigadeiro + Beijinho (+ ¥1,500)

- Damascus fruit + Baba de moca (+ ¥500)

- Strawberry cream (+ ¥1,000) (without fruit pulp)

- Strawberry cream (+ ¥1,000) (with fruit pulp) WE DO NOT SHIP cakes with this filling by Takyubin

- Let us decide (See number 10)

- Other (specify in the other tab)

10. What does it mean to let us decide the filling?


    - It means that we can decide for you the appropriate type of filling for that cake. We use a more popular type of filling (one of the top requested) and that does not increase the final price of the cake. In general we encourage customers to click this option if they do not know which one to choose. Depending on the occasion, we can offer a speccial filling, that has an extra fee for those who choose so without having to pay more for it.

Ranking of the most popular fillings:

  1. Baba de moça (coconut milk) with Pineapple + Dulce de leche with nuts

  2. Alpine cream (chocolate) + Dulce of leche (+ ¥1,500 Alpine cream is more expensive)

  3. Alpine cream (chocolate) + Prestige (+ ¥1,500 Alpine cream is more expensive)

  4. Beijinho + Brigadeiro (+ ¥1,500 Brigadeiro is more expensive)

  5. Dulce de leche with coconut

  6. Baba de moça with Pineapple

  7. Dulce de leche with nuts

  8. Strawberry Cream (Available only during March to December)

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