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Handling your cakes

 About rice paper decorated cakes

1. Take the cakes out from the box.

2. Put the cakes into the refrigerator to avoid getting worse. Don't forget to open the lid of the box. It avoids dropping water to the surface of cakes.

3. Make spaces in the refrigerator for the cakes. And bring it carefully. 

4. The cakes will be thawed for 24 hours. 

5. There is a stick to keep cakes stable when you get more than two layers cakes. 

About fondant cakes

1.This cakes can't take low temperatures. When you want to keep it more than one day, you should wrap it up with foil to avoid dried. 

2. You should not leave cakes at humid places and keep 24 degree in a room.

3. Use a cake knife when you cut the cakes. 

4. We hardly recommend that you eat meringue dolls on the cakes. They have some other ingredients but sugar. 

5. There is sticks on a cakes to keep shapes. Be careful when you eat them.

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