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Rice paper cake prices:

Order 5~7 days in advance!

Payment: Cash on deliver

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Deliver fee 1680 yen
(Kuroneko Yamato Takyubin)

Fondant cake prices:

Choose a cake from our gallery 7days~1 month in advance !


Payment: Cash on deliver

Fondant cake prices:


One layer 18cm (10 people) cost 11000~13000 yen plus deliver 1790~2920 yen

One layer 21cm (15 people) cost 15000~18000 yen plus deliver 1790~2920 yen

Two layers (15,22cm) (30~40 people) 20000 -25000 yen plus deliver 4270 yen

Three layers (15,22,27cm)(60~70 people) 32000 ~35000 yen plus deliver 6250 yen

Four layers 40000 yen or more , contact us !

Thank you !

How to order

Return to facebook page and send to us a cake picture from our gallery and the info below, thats all !

Sending your data:

zip code
cel or tel number
date of the party
date of delivery
time of delivery
celebrant name


Thank you ! 

For people that dont have a Facebook account, the orders can be place by phone between 10:00am~20:00hrs (monday until saturday) 
(Kevin manager in english , nihongo, português)


For rice paper cakes, we recommend you receive it one day before because we need to frozen the cake before deliver to you.

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        Ten important things you have to know before place your order!

1. Payment must be made only when you receive  the product (cash on delivery, daibiki).

2. The price of Takyubin is not included on the price of the cake and  usually costs 1680 yen for a regular rice paper cake.

3. Whipped cream cakes with rice paper must be frozen and shipped to arrive one day before the party date. Fondant cakes and cupcakes can arrive at the party date. Whipped cream with rice paper decoration (2 layers cake or more)can't be shipped via Takyubin.  Fondant Layers cakes can it!

4. Postponements or cancellations only by phone: 053-424-9480 or 090-6467-2993 (72) hours in advance from deliver day.

5. We do not accept payments with credit card (only cash on the delivery day).  Advanced payments only by JP Bank also know as Japanese "Mail" Bank.

6. Usually we receive the orders by Facebook messenger or Whats app .  Please access our Facebook page to contact us !

7. The shipping fee to residents in Hamamatsu (Shizuoka-Ken) or region who choose to get their cake via Takyubin is the same as a person who lives in distant places like Saitama-Ken or Hyogo-Ken, ie , is better to pick up the cake here if you live near from us.

8. We ask people to give preference to models cakes exposed in our collections. Custom cakes need to be scheduled with at least a week before the day party for whipped cream cakes and one month in advance  for fondant cakes.

9. On the order form, please write the day party and leave to us decide if the cake must deliver to you one day before the schedule day or not.
10. We are not responsible for delays in delivery due to errors in address, earthquakes, hurricanes, matsuris, snow.. Thank you for understanding!

   Difference between whipped Cream Cake & Fondant Cake 

Fondant Cake:    

The fondant cake is very beautiful and very popular in the United States and Europe . It is also widely used in coverage cupcakes and other personalized ornaments .


Below are some cares to correctly conserve the cake :


1 . The fondant cake should be stored in the refrigerator before the party for people who will received by takyubin (deliver service) , but it is sensitive to low temperatures . After the party if you still prefer to place it in the refrigerator ( leftovers ) try wrapping it in a plastic sheet to prevent its fast drying ;


2 . Fondant ( in US) is also known as sugarpaste ( in UK). Is a paste made with sugar. So do not expect sugarpaste to taste less sweet, that is almost impossible. 

3 .Fondant cakes are more expensive when we compare with whipped cream cakes because the designs demand more time to be make it. , and also the cost price of fondant is relatively more expensive than whipped cream cakes.


4 . Some kinds of fillings do not fit well with the fondant . This is because the fondant does not accept a more stringent cooling . Fruits in general are avoided ;


5 . Cakes made with whipped cream are more light for consumption , fondant cakes are usually heavier in this composition , I mean , people generally feel satiated with less amount of cake when you compared to the whipped cream . Fondant cake needs to have more stronger structure to support the weight of the mass;


6 . Fondant cakes are not so wet (fillings) when you compare to whipped cream cakes , this does not necessarily imply that they should be dry ! The reason is when you make a wet filling , it tends to lose it firmness and support causing occasional landslides . However ,we can avoid this limitation by adding more hydrogenated products ( margarine , etc. ) for their manufacture ;


7 . In rainy days is natural that the cake looks a little wet ( externally ) . However some ornaments can break off, over the cake, without notice . To solve this problem , close the windows and on the air conditioner in room temperature , 24 degrees . Dry air should make the cake gradually return to its original appearance. If the party is in the next day , store the cake in a cardboard box (danboru) or leave some piece of newspaper "near" to help remove the humidity ;


8 .The fondant cake is relatively heavier than the traditional whipped cream cakes , take care to transport it . Try to support the base with your hand palm before you move it avoiding inopportune accidents .


9 . Last and important recommendation...use a very sharp knife to cut your cake (not spatula cake, please!)


Cream Cake:    

Cream cakes must be kept/stored in the refrigerator or freezer for people who will receive the cake by Takyubin, else it will melt. This type of cake usually taste better than fondant cakes, but the limitation is that the shape most be normally standard (round , square).

To make a different design we use rice paper decoration (comestible paper with comestible inks included in composition)

 This kind of cake can accept fruits in the filling however , must be consumed in a short time from its production.

  Choosing the shape and size (whipped cream cake with rice paper decoration):

Round                          Square                           Rectangle


22cm (8.7 inch) Serve 10~15 people


25cm (9.8 inch) Serve 25~30 people


30cm (11.8 inch) Serve 25~35 people


We deliver for all Japan by Takyubin !   

(21x21)cm (8.3 inch) Serve 15 people ¥5500

(25x25)cm (9.8 inch) Serve 25 people ¥9000

(30x30)cm (11.8 inch) Serve 35 people


We deliver for all Japan by Takyubin !   

(26x32)cm (10.2x12.6) inch Serve30~40p


(31x38)cm (12.2x15) inch Serve40~50p


Only for residents of Hamamatsu and region !

Layers fondant cakes can be sent by Takyubin for all Japan. 


Whipped cream layer cakes (Hamamatsu Area only)


Other sizes and custom shapes please contact!

090-6467-2993 053-424-9480

Fondant cake prices


One layer cost 11000~18000 yen
Two layers 20000 -27000 yen
Three layers 32000 ~37000 yen
Four layers 40000 yen or more


About Takyubin (Ta-Q-Bin):

We delivery to all Japan by Takyubin !
For people who live in other regions of Japan ( outside the region of Hamamatsu ) , delivery is made ​​via Takyubin !


The cake is previously cooled (in the case of  whipped cream cakes) , so that its consistency becomes firmer . Cooling is necessary to make the cake support the delivery path ,  avoiding damage to your product . We bring your product to the Takyubin , already chilled, from where it will be dispatched on a system called " Reitou " , ie, going in a refrigerated car ( car refrigerator )


   In the case of whipped cream cakes , they need to arrive one day before and should stay in the fridge for around 24 hours to return to normal consistency , without changing the consistency or taste.

   Fondant cakes can arrive at the party day and dont need to be shipped in Reitou system, just " Reizou ".


For more information see our page on procedures to receive your order ;




Rates vary from region to region , but generally for the region of Tokai and Kanto the cost is about 1680 yen for Reitou system ( whipped cream cakes ) for a box to 21cm cake size .






Payment may be made directly to Takyubin when you receive your product .


The amount to be charged consists of the products you bought in Cake Desire more Takyubin rates (which is formed by the rate of transport , refrigeration , taxes and location of the place to be delivered) ;

Remember that if the Takyubin will unable to contact the customer by telephone in previously stipulated time , they will " running " with your product making another deliveries untill later , increasing the risk of damage through carelessness or negligence of the Customer at the time of withdrawal .

Order form

"Make your order as soon as possible, the quality of your product will be better and the probability of schedule your order in the date you need will be high!" In general, ordered at least one week in ideal for cakes of rice paper and whipped cream, and 3 weeks to 1 month for fondant cakes. In the case of fondant cakes, this period can vary depending on the degree of difficulty of decoration, more or less.



Specify the Time to Receive Your Parcel

Time Zone Delivery


Customers can select the time zone in which they would like their parcel delivered. No extra charge is necessary.


You can select from the following 6 time-zones.


Before Noon







Time Zone Delivery cannot be used for Golf TA-Q-BIN, Ski TA-Q-BIN, Airport TA-Q-BIN, Kuroneko Mail-Bin, Round Trip TA-Q-BIN (outward).

*Depending on the destination of the parcel, you may not be able to choose a time zone.


       Ten important words you'll come across when making your request
   1. rice paper: It is an edible paper, produced from potato starch, an decorative ornament that is inserted at the top and the sides of the cake.
It may be thin or thick paper, depending of your needing. In general, the thin sheet is applying on the sides of cake and the thick sheet is applied on top of the cake.
  2. edible ink: The comestible ink used to print on the rice paper through the printer.
  3. Chantilly cake: is a cake made with whipped cream, which may or may not be increased sugar on their manufacture. Widely used in cakes coverage, fillings, coffees, etc.
  4. Whipping cream: It is the English way to say chantilly !
  5. Cupcake: Mini cakes for one person. May have rice paper or not on their decoration.
  6. Takyubin:  Delivery service covering all over Japan  including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. There are many companies that offer the service.  We only deliver by Kuroneko Yamato (Black Cat).
  7. Code Number : Is the number that help us to identify and control the order requests. With a simple code we can know the shape, size, theme, color, price of the product.
  8. Net Hanbai: purchase and sale system via Internet that the trader doesn't necessarily need a physical store for public visitation, to market their products.
  9. Cash on delivery (daibiki): It is the method of payment made only when you receive the product on your target location (house, shop, etc). In general, the customer only pays for your product when you receive it at home, to the staff of Takyubin (delivery service).
 10. Customize a cake: Its a cake that cant be found on our cake gallery. They must be booked in advance and depending of hte decoration degree can have price plus rate (500 yen ~ 2500 yen).
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