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Please Read First

 1. We have an order form in English. Please order online. Don't forget fill in all blanks.

     click here to access our forms


 2. Your products will arrive on the desired day and time when you ordered any kind of birthday cakes or fondant cakes. Whipped cream cakes with rice paper decoration must be frozen and shipped to arrive one day before the party date.

3. Fondant cakes and cupcakes can arrive at the party date. Whipped cream with rice paper decoration (2 layers cake or more) can't be shipped via Takyubin.

4. When you want to order cakes, please make sure the code number and write down it. You will find each numbers of cakes on Facebook or Menu page on this website.

5. If you want to print photos on the cakes, please make preparations for bigger size and clear photos. In addition, you must not use screen shots. Because we are aiming to make high quality cakes for all customers. We need pictures which have large number of pixels.

6. We have some different cake sizes. Please take a look the following about fondant cakes and rice paper cakes. If you need bigger or smaller cakes, please let us know on the phone or mail.  

6th 18cm in diameter

7th 21cm in diameter

8th 24cm in diameter

21×21 cm

25×25 cm

22 cm in diameter

 7. Delivered  birthday cakes have only plane flavor. Inside cream is mixed by strawberry cream and custard cream. Fondant cakes have two different kinds of sponges, plane or chocolate. Please choose one flavor. We have five kinds of inside cream. You can choose one cream from vanilla, chocolate, caramel, caramel and walnuts, or caramel and coconuts. Rice paper cakes also have two kinds of sponges, plane or chocolate. There are eight kinds of cream. You can choose one from vanilla, chocolate, caramel, caramel and walnuts, caramel and coconuts, strawberry, pineapple, or peach. 

 8. We commission Yamato,Ltd to deliver our products. If you need more information, please confirm YAMATO TRANSPORT CO., LTD. 

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